Review Policy

As two dedicated book fans we both acquire a lot of books. Unless otherwise stated in a review you can presume a book was purchased by ourselves.

We are happy to receive review requests from publishers and authors. This blog is mainly dedicated to Young Adult fiction although we may consider Adult books in certain genres.

We will do our utmost to ensure a book is read and reviewed on the site in a timely manner, usually on or around publication date unless otherwise requested for advance copies. However please bear in mind we both have other commitments (such as work, study and parenting) and this may not always be possible. If neither of us are able to complete a book we will do our best to pass it on to someone who will. When both of us receive the same book for review, one will post a review around publication day and the other later in the year. Books will also be featured in the weekly memes we participate in.

We both also publish reviews to Amazon and Goodreads, either in short or full, as well as other UK consumer sites (contact for information).

We are not taking requests for self published titles at this time.

We’re also open to conducting author interviews, participating in blog tours and hosting guest posts and/or giveaways. 
To contact us with a review request or with any other queries, please contact us at