Rating System

In keeping with the name of the blog, our rating system features each part of it. Each book will be placed into one of three categories, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory which are explained below.

Heaven - new

Obviously these will be books that we loved but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are perfect. Character development will have to be strong, plot needs to be consistent and the ending should not leave me feeling like something is missing. I will always explain why and what I loved about these books.

Purgatory - new

Books in this category will be books that we had mixed feelings about. The book could have clear aspects that belong in Heaven but also aspects that belong in Hell. We will try to explain our feelings for this decision.
Hell - new
These will be the books that we extremely disliked. We will explain what we disliked and the reasons why. These will usually be the complete opposite of the books put into Heaven although there could still be some aspects that we enjoyed. Being put into this category certainly doesn’t mean the book is bad, it will just mean that it wasn’t for us.