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Tips for writing a movie review

In college, some professors and instructors require their students to make a review after watching a movie in class and this is the moment when you really need a college essay help. These types of movies that go in line with the course you are taking – usually political, philosophical, or even about relationships – can sometimes be a handful especially if it is your first time making a movie review. Yes, you read review websites such Rotten Tomatoes or from other online news platforms, but making them will make you reconsider your skills in writing. Reviews are complex forms of writing that sometimes follow a certain guideline, yet sometimes can just but as blunt as how you want it to be. Here are tips for writing a movie review:

1. Your movie review draft

It is advisable to think about an enthralling fact or a mindboggling opinion about the movie. This style is to generate interest to your readers. You want them to read your whole article rather than stop after your lead or the first paragraph of your story. This sentence needs to establish your thoughts about the movie. Establish if the movie good or not.

Furthermore, add a comparison to other related content such as current events or another movie, to let the readers become intrigued by the relevance of the movie plot and the movie itself. Establish whether the movie was successful commercially and if it is critically acclaimed. Other than that, determine why you think the movie is such, based on your own opinion after watching them.

Moreover, give a brief background on the story such as the compelling factors that makes this certain movie worth noting. For example, in the movie Boyhood, it is important to note the length of the production, while using the same characters and watching them grow up. In addition, insert important contextual facts as to why your observation is important. It piques the interest of your readers, and in return, they read your whole review.

2. Your opinion matters

Generally, after watching a movie, we want to discuss it with people who may or may not share the same opinion about the film. It is important to be genuine when you discuss your opinions. Make sure you back it up with sufficient facts as to why your opinions matter. Readers want to read movie reviews with integrity rather than just writers blabbing about negative factors about the movie without supporting facts.

These observations may come from a lot of factors: it can be the plot, the cinematography, the actors, the set, the production, the costumes, and any detail that you saw from the movie.

3. Your conclusion must be the determining factor

As you finish your review, you may sometimes find it hard to formulate the last sentence that will stamp your stand about the movie. Thankfully, there are different reputable essay online websites that makes reviews. You may check them out to and seek essay help to have a clear vision on how they ended their reviews. In addition, making reviews is all about being honest with supporting claims. Reviews tell a mirrored view of the film that is based on your opinion, so as you go along with writing them, make sure you are truthful with every word or sentence that you put in it.

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Best Ways to Craft Your College Essay Through College Essay Writing Services

In college, creating and making a college essay is inevitable. It is one of the requirements you have to pass that not only give a huge chunk on your grades but can be a reflection of your personality. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to learn how to make essay writing, fun for those who do not enjoy writing: one is to seek college essay writing help from people who enjoy and make essays for a living, search for college essays online for inspiration, and the other one is to hire a college essay writing service. With that in mind, there are also tips to craft your college essay in the smoothest way possible:

1. Focus on the Topic at Hand and Build on It

Essays usually have the main focus. It is either about a person, things, event, or anything under the sun. If you are focused on a certain topic, build references to support your topic.

Finding a topic can be a handful job, but not having a focused topic can mislead the type of essay quality you want. Every topic needs to have a certain interest for you so you can write it freely with your personality in every word.

2. The Determination to Discover Yourself and Boost Your Grades

With all the requirements college students have to commit to in different subjects, writing a college essay seems to be easier that laboratory reports. Needless to say, college essays are a focused topic wherein you enable yourself to be creative in an academic manner. Lastly, finishing a college essay gives college students a level of fulfillment whenever they are in the process of finishing.

3. Have Fun

Essays, even for those who do not enjoy writing, is a great way to discover yourself and your voice as an individual. Some writers discovered a lot about themselves when they were writing essays in college. Others even found writing a therapeutic exercise because it helped them release stress.

With different platforms to get your writing passion out in the public such as blogs and the traditional print, writing is indeed fun. Apart from that, writing also enables individuals to exercise their cognitive skills through reading as well as writing.

4. Time Management

Assignments helps keep your standing in class in top shape. But with requirements we have to commit to from other subjects, we are sometimes swamped with work that we tend to be clumsy on our time management skills. If you are determined to keep your grades high, ensure your goal is to make an outstanding essay rather than making them complete a requirement.

5. Ask for Help If Needed

College is also a good place to gain new friends. If you are having trouble with your college essay, you can consult your friends, professors, and instructors. In addition, you also have the opportunity to talk about your struggles and discoveries with them while doing your college essay.

Lastly, it is also a great opportunity for you to be focused on finishing a task, that is a great warm up when you start taking a new journey in your chosen profession.


Book Review Report

Tips to making quality book reports in college

In your literature class, you are oftentimes required to read a novel, which means a book report is on its way as one of your many requirements to pass the subject. Truly, book reports are another college essay requirement you cannot get away from while still in school. In line with this, you are usually baffled with a lot of questions, such as: “Why do I have to do this?” What’s the importance of book reports” “How do I start?” Thankfully, here are tips to making quality book reports:

1. Read before you write

Initially, books are created so people will read and learn from them. Book reports are no different. You are required to read a novel to actually read and learn from them. After that, the obvious next step is to actually write your report about the novel. While reading, it is advisable to jot down notes as you go along the way. One tip when making book reports is noting which page number and paragraph number in the page made a mark for you – it can either be the climax or other important quotes or events in the book.

2. Before you start writing, make an outline

It is important for every task to always start with a good plan. You follow this plan until you finish your output. Without a plan, you will feel the rush of spontaneity which usually leads to two things: either pass or fail. With book reports, you do not want to take that 505 chance of failing, so it is vital for you, as a college student, to formulate an outline. Here’s how to make a nice outline:

  • Introduction
  • Summary of Book
  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Evaluation and Conclusion

Furthermore, book reports are different from movie reviews, as they tend to be more critical about different themes of the book that are not usually part of a book report. Lastly, if you are having trouble making an outline, it is normal to seek college essay help from your peers or to recommendable college essay writing services.

3. The power of your introduction

Every successful essays starts with an equally powerful and cringing introduction. Ensure the first few words on your reports stimulate the mind of the readers, so they will follow through with your book reports you have worked hard for.

In this chapter of your book report, it is worth noting about the three parts that will help you make a great introductions:

Summary of the story

This paragraph must include an overview of the story line including the set, period, protagonists, and story plot. It is also worth-mentioning the story teller of the novel as well as the book theme.


Create a detailed personification of each character that for you, created an importance in the buildup of the story. Discuss their personality, strengths, and weaknesses. Lastly, tell how each character was beneficial to the protagonist and the story itself.

Lastly, it is important to keep your readers interested, and you invested which means it is okay to be a little personal.